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Investigating the Paranormal In Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary .

The Eidolon Project Canada is one of the nation's prevailing and predominant organizations dedicated to professional research, education, and investigation of claims of paranormal activity of ghosts, hauntings, and similar eidolic phenomena. 

     With units operating in Edmonton, Red Deer,  and Calgary, Alberta (*and surrounding areas) the EPC is better able to offer our expertise, conversance, and experience to those who may require our assistance and services. Our concerns are aimed at helping our clients in the best way that we can while maintaining absolute respect for all concerned.

    The EPC is staffed 100%  with rational, responsible, and open-minded volunteers who approach their avocation seriously, reverently, and responsibly. All have been trained by the Eidolon Project Canada’s Director, Greg Pocha, and other senior members to the high standards, methodology, and ethics that the EPC is recognized for among peers and clients. We operate as trained professionals in our avocation of parapsychological and paranormal research, investigation, and education. 

     RECEPTIVE.  The EPC recognizes that it is often difficult to share with your family, friends, or colleagues details about the events that you may be experiencing. We are here to listen to you in an open-minded and non-judgmental manner.  There is little that we haven’t heard so you can freely discuss any concerns that you may have.

      HONEST.   Often there are conventional reasons behind what seems to be unconventional phenomena. There may be logical, natural explanations for unusual or “haunt-like” events. We will explain these to you should we discover any justifiable reasons for those occurrences.

     TRUSTWORTHY.  The Eidolon Project Canada is contractually obligated to protect your identity. We do not disclose any personal information that will directly identify you or your location. Your anonymity and confidentiality are priorities and are standard EPC policy. From the simplest question to the largest investigation, your privacy is assured.

     ESTABLISHED.   The EPC has been actively researching and investigating paranormal phenomena, ghosts, and hauntings since 1999. We have established a reputation for giving our clients the best services available.  We are professionals in our avocation and our areas of expertise; we do not play “ghost-hunter”.  The EPC has been involved in honest, science-based, and empirical exploration, research, and investigation long before it was “trendy” or popularized by social media or televised serials.

   If you have questions, or concerns or feel that you may be subject to a ghost or haunting please contact us.

We’re here to help.

If you feel that you may be subject to ghosts or paranormal activity as a haunting or are interested in learning more about our free exemplary services, please browse the EPC Info-Site. You can find information on Parapsychology, Afterlife Studies, and Paranormal Investigation. Serving Edmonton, Calgary, and Central Alberta since 1999.


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The Eidolon Project does not charge for residential or business investigations. The opportunity to investigate your site is reward enough. Without the possibility of clients allowing us to explore your residence or business, the future of discovery and knowledge in our fields of expertise would be impeded. 

The Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Research and Investigation Organization investigates reported ghosts or hauntings and similar paranormal or unexplained activity.

We specialize in:

• Residential Activity/Hauntings

• Business Activity/Hauntings

• Extreme Hauntings

• Private overnight vigils

•  Long Term (2 or more days) Investigations

Your contact information is received by the Director and an Assistant Director. All information from your forms is immediately deleted from our website and our server upon submission (please make sure you have supplied the correct info).

Your “need to know” contact information will be shared with our case coordinators as they will be the EPC representatives most involved as a liaison between the client, investigators, and the Director. Field members are only supplied with the client’s case number, first name(s), and location. This contact information is required to enable scheduling that is workable for all parties involved in your case.

Any other form or required information is only seen by the Director.

Our medium is not supplied with any information at all.

Also see “How is my anonymity treated”

The EPC is fully aware of the importance and need for our client’s names and locations to be kept secure from others. Unabated contracts and non-disclosure agreements bind our members. Any published images of the property or people within will have any identifying effects, faces, and other recognizable features digitally double obscured.

One issue we take seriously is arriving, investigating, and leaving the site as incognito as possible. Despite arriving and leaving with a team and cases of equipment, we try to be as discreet as possible. 

•  With an Investigation

•  Energy Purification (Cleansing) and/or Blessing only

 NOTE: Throughout history, an “expected practice” has been that an “offering” be made by all involved when seeking the assistance of benevolent spirits and energies. To this end, the EPC sacrifices its time and resources.

With an Investigation:

If the EPC is allowed access to your property to perform a Full, Active Investigation, there is no charge,  i.e.  “offering”,  for this service. 

Allowing the EPC the chance to investigate your property is payment enough and acts as your offering sacrifice. 

Note: It is EPC police to make every attempt to free all trapped souls. The EPC will not leave a property “haunted” if we can release the deceased from their bonds to the realm of the incarnate. Policy dictates that if we do an investigation, we are allowed to perform the Secular Emancipation and Extrusion Rituals.

Purifying and Blessing Alone (Without an Investigation)

There are many occasions when the client only wants their property cleansed and blessed without having an investigation performed. This is not uncommon for those moving into a new residence for peace of mind.

In these cases, the EPC is sacrificing time and resources to perform these services. We ask that the client makes a sacrifice by making a token donation to a charity.

If you do not require a full investigation, we ask that a donation be made to one of the following organizations as your “offering”. Please consider the following charities:

Make a Wish Foundation

Stollery Children’s Hospital

Alberta Hospice & Palliative Care Association

• Local Food Bank 

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