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he Eidolon Project Canada realizes that exploration into the fields of the Afterlife, Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies is subjective and immanent and may arouse personal biases and opinions.  This can not be avoided, nor will we attempt the impossible task of side-stepping them.  Freedom of thought is a multifaceted conception and we will try to offer unbiased information where and when it is possible. The visitor is free to accept, reject or be skeptical toward any information presented on the EPC Info-Site.

Mission Statement

     • We were founded to provide services and support for the public to enable them to understand anomalous phenomena associated with the survival of human consciousness after the irrecoverable departure of their mortal existence utilizing studying and investigating the possibility of the existence of “ghosts” and similar entities.

     • To treat all of those concerned, living or deceased, with discernment, receptiveness, and respect maintaining an open-minded, non-judgemental attitude toward their situation.

     • To use our findings to gain knowledge, facilitate public information, and make an educated and viable contribution to parapsychology, the study of a cognitive existence after bodily death in a professional, mature, and responsible manner in an attempt to make paranormal study a viable form of science.

About our Founder

    The Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Research and Investigation Organization was officially launched in early 1999 by Greg Pocha.  Mr. Pocha’s interest in hauntings and ghosts became apparent in elementary school after he purchased a small book from the Scholastic Book Club brochure titled, “Strangely Enough”.  The book contained short stories based on events that were based on actual events and places focusing on the “unexplained”.  What caught his attention were the accounts of ghostly activity and hauntings. These tales helped him to understand and add “credibility” to the apparition that he had witnessed of his deceased grandmother years before before he had even heard of ghosts or knew of their possible existence.

     However, as a child, he had schooling, play, and other activities to fill his days. It wasn’t until his teen years that he renewed his interest in the ‘paranormal’,  first by reading books of fiction, then turning his direction and focusing on more in-depth study of the “facts” behind ghosts and whether or not an afterlife existed. Throughout the years, he realized that books about the paranormal alone were not enough to quest his search for answers and began studying other literature and texts in the fields of Parapsychology, Psychology (social, behavioral, and abnormal), as well as chapters in medical textbooks on subjects about worldly caused that could be misidentified as paranormal. This included the study of Sleep Disorders, Neurology, The DSM-IV (with IV & V updates),  Greg’s private library of books relevant to his fields of study and education is now approaching 1,200 works, not including his media library of hundreds of professional peer-reviewed journals and papers.

     As his knowledge and experience grew, people started to seek him out to inquire about information or assistance. He was frequently asked to personally look into the anomalous activity that they were encountering.   As requests grew, Mr. Pocha began to purchase the equipment need to help his research and investigations. Finally, in early 1999, he decided to found, along with co-founder Czarina Briones, the EIDOLON PROJECT CANADA, which is still fully active today. Over the years the EPC has developed a reputation of being among the nation’s finest investigators of ghosts, hauntings, and paranormal activity, focusing their endeavors to Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer, Alberta (and surrounding areas). Over the decades, the equipment inventory grew substantially to meet needs and upgrades in technology.

     Mr. Pocha is not only active in investigations of paranormal activity but continues his formal education pertaining to his work to this day.

The EPC on AllExperts

Greg Pocha started volunteering his time and knowledge at AllExperts. com in 2014. He was the leading expert in the categories of “Ghosts and Hauntings“, “Death, Dying and Beyond“, “Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife“, and had worked his way to be ranked third in the more generalized category of “The Paranormal” and was climbing to top expert when the site decided to go offline.

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The following is from the AllExperts Profile Page (2017)

About Me:  Greg Pocha


Greg is the head of the Eidolon Project Canada, one of Canada’s largest and best-established Paranormal Investigative organizations. He and his teams of professional investigators spend hours investigating hauntings and analyzing their findings. He has helped people internationally understand and deal with their paranormal activity.  When Greg replies to an AllExperts inquiry, the questioner can expect to be treated as an individual and given a thought-out educated reply that will take in different aspects regarding their unique situation

Greg shares his experience and knowledge on AllExperts to help people find educated and unbiased answers from a professional in the field. He will be happy to answer your questions on the following subjects:






• SPECTRAL PROFILING (special expertise).




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