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Parapsychology: Science of the Paranormal

Normal vs.Paranormal

   Anomalous phenomena have been reported since humankind began recording our history. That does not mean that what people are witnessing or experiencing now, is beyond reasonable, rational and scientific explanations. In reality, only a small percentage of reported “paranormal phenomena” related to ghosts and hauntings could be classified as such. However due to the proliferation of the paranormal through movies, documentaries, “reality” television programs and social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, one would think that the new “normal” is the paranormal. Science can both disprove paranormal events and verify some of the theories and claims that have been or are, observed.

"Normal" Occurrences

    Normal events are often phenomena that have been misobserved, mistaken or not known factors are the primary reasons that some people may contact an investigator. This is common and should not be an embarrassment for those involved. Not everyone is learned or experienced about supposed paranormal activity, and what it is, isn’t, or could be. This is the reason that dedicated organizations such as the Eidolon Project Canada exist; to help put haunt-like occurences into perspective and rule out the paranormal as the cause of their concerns.

  •      EMF   Some examples of normal happens being taken as ghostly can be due to a person’s sensitivity to ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF). In today’s society, there is no escaping these ever-increasing fields except by extraordinary methods, such as turning one’s home into a giant Faraday cage and blocking out EMF in the radio wave and microwave frequencies. Digital technology such as cell phones and towers, and 4g and 5g technology are the major contributors to EMF smog.     EMF in the microwave frequencies affects cellular activity by causing atoms to become excited.  Long exposure can affect the temporal lobe, a part of the brain that can cause hallucinations, These hallucinations may be one or many of the following; visual, olfactory, and auditory,  and the feeling of a “presence”. Since microwaves can travel through and penetrate deeper regions of the brain, hallucinations are a viable source of haunt-like episodes.
  •       Ionization ¹ of the surrounding atmosphere can inflict haunt-like sensations on some people.   Ionization occurs when a neutral atom or molecule loses or gains an electron.  An abundance of positive ions can have negative physical and neurological effects on some people. Causes include Witch winds or Devil winds that deplete negative ions due to the static electricity that these air movements build up. It is documented that violent crimes and murders increase during such periods. Again, the modern-day primary source of positive ionization creating havoc on the human brain remains with our primary player, the cell phone. By the same token, an over-abundance of negative ions can also have unhealthy effects on people. However, it is considered healthy by some authorities to have extra negative ions in one’s surroundings. An over-abundance of either can cause haunt-like episodes.
  •      Infrasound is sound that has a frequency that is too low for the human ear to hear. Normally our hearing range spans the frequencies between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz¹. A Hertz (Hz. or H.) is a unit of measurement that measures how many times a wave ebbs and peaks per second. One hertz is equal to a frequency of one. Although infrasound can not be heard, it can be felt and thus affects both people and objects. the frequencies that are most likely to cause haunt-like conditions are in the 18Hz. – 19 Hz. range.  The  19 Hz. range vibrates at the same frequency as the human eye causing a resonance effect and can cause visual “paranormal” phenomena to occur in some people. Low-frequency vibrations can also cause the strange effect of having objects move across surfaces or fall from shelves.
  •      Medication can be a factor in sensing “haunt-like” phenomena.


¹ “Neuroscience. 2nd edition.” National Library of Medicine.



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