Cleansing of Negative Energy

Secular Blessings

The Eidolon Project has been cleansing residences and businesses since we began helping the public in 1999. Many sites can hold or contain the residue of negative energy and emotions of those who occupied the location before new people moved in. This, in time, can build up to a point where the atmosphere becomes “heavy” and oppressive. Unchecked, this residual energy might continue to intensify. If you have ever walked into a place where you get an uneasy feeling or feel anxious without cause, you are sensing negative energy (gut feeling). It is important to realize that these sensations are not necessarily due to a haunting or caused by a disembodied entity. The energy itself has become a part of the atmosphere, usually left over from conflicts from the past (Stone tape theory). On a quantum level, the embedding of energy from past events is a possibility.

We have cleansed homes and businesses from these unwanted energies with substantial success. Our methods have developed over the decades and as a result, are, on the whole, more reliable than many other cleansing methods while remaining recognizable as a purification procedure. Saging is a major part of our process. However, we use more than just the traditional sweetgrass and sage. The ingredients of our smudge differ with the intensity of the energy that needs to be removed.

Blessings are usually performed concurrently with a cleansing. A blessing is the process of protecting the home from any ethereal uncorporeal being entering the residence or business in the future, to a point of time when they wear off. Cleansings and blessings are not limitless actions. Like spring cleaning, they should be repeated every other year or when negative energy builds up from daily issues, or after a person vacates the property or before a new residents move in.

All of these services are SECULAR. This is not meant to offend our clients or the faith or beliefs that they follow. It is important to know that we do not use “religion” in our ceremonies for the following reason; It is necessary not to anger any ghosts that might be present, as doing so can cause them to rebel. It has been documented that when a cleansing, blessing, deliverance, or exorcism has been performed in the name of any particular religion, there is a rebound effect in the majority of cases. This is especially true if a religion-based method is used directly against the entity that is to be removed. The entity, as a rule, will “go away” for some time, but usually returns with a vengeance.   NOTE: There are no problems if a person of a particular faith uses an outward expression of their beliefs, such as prayer or general blessing. As a matter of fact, the practice is encouraged. Do not, however, express your thoughts outward towards the ghost. For example, let us assume that you suspect that your home may be haunted. A priest doing a blessing on a person is fine. A priest doing a blessing on the home is risky. A priest attempting to remove a ghost from the home can be dangerous.

We have discovered that a general, secular purification or an entity rescue or removal is the best first choice to cleanse the site as there is little way of knowing the faith of any given ghost. After the EPC has done what it can to remove residing, i.e. haunting ghosts in a non-offensive (to them) manner, the site should be better prepared for religious rituals according to your beliefs.

The members of the EPC consist of people who have different belief systems. We do not bring these beliefs into an investigation to not bias the results.

Emancipion Ceremony and Extrusion Rires

In the event that the site needs to have negative energies removed, such as an incorporeal being of lost soul it is common to have these ceremonies and rites performed. If the Eidolon Project Canada has finished an investigation, it is our policy to conduct these actions as we do not leave a site haunted or keep a soul trapped in limbo if it can be offered the chance, and accepts the opportunity to be set free. This allows it the freedom to choose its destiny and to move forward towards the “light” and continue its existence in the proper realm.

NOTE: There is no possible way or method that guarantees that these ceremonies, blessings, and entity removal observances will work.  This is a fact regardless of who does the rites, despite what they may claim.

In the clearing of unwanted entities and energies in an extreme haunting, the EPC will do all that we can without putting ourselves or others in danger. These hauntings are caused by those who want to be where they are and are doing everything in their power to stay there, to the point of attempting physical, spiritual, and mental harm to those participating.

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