The Eidolon Project Canada offers the following free services. Guest and Media Services - Speakers and Presentations, - Interviews for News and Media Reporters and Podcasts

Consultation Services


News and Media Interviews

Are you looking for a spokesperson to give a presentation or a speaker for your event? Perhaps you are looking for a person to give an interview to for your newspaper or online magazine. The Eidolon Project Canada can help.  Greg Pocha, Director, is also available for podcasts. Reach him via Contact Form 2.

Consultation Services

   You feel that you may need help but don’t know where to go or who to turn to. When confronted with unexplainable phenomena, most people find it difficult to discuss the matter with friends, or colleagues. or even family. In that case, The Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal Research and Investigations Organization is available to help you with anything we can.

   If you feel you are subject to a ghost, haunting, or similar paranormal activity, the EPC is here to help, not judge. You will receive unbiased, open-minded, and understanding support from our Director of Ontological Parapsychology, Afterlife, and Paranormal Studies on a personal basis.  He has helped hundreds of people and has heard or dealt with most things imaginable. Often we hear the phrase, “This will sound crazy…”. Do not let that be a concern; to us, it sounds interesting. You will be accepted as a person who is going through a difficult, uncommon situation, and you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity by our open-minded, non-judgmental staff.

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Guest Speaker - Panelist - Presentations

If you are hosting an event and would like to have a Guest Speaker attend to talk about a subject or to make a presentation, Greg Pocha, Director, or one of our experienced members will be happy to accommodate you and your audience.

We have been guest presenters for Warner Brothers Pictures for their pre-screening of the release of the movie, The Conjuring 2, in both Edmonton and Calgary.

Greg Pocha has been a guest panelist at the Vertigo Theatre in Calgary for Forensic Fridays on-stage productions of “The Haunting”, “Turn of the Screw” and “Whispers in the Dark”. He also appeared as a guest panelist for Edmonton’s  Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre’s production of “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

For more information or to make a booking request please use our Contact Us Form #2.

Photo courtesy of Calgary Ghost Tours

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News and Media Interviews

The Eidolon Project Canada and Greg Pocha have been the subject of several Newspaper and Online News articles and interviews. Among them are: The Edmonton Star’s “Home is Where the Haunt Is“, the Red Deer Express’s “Central Alberta Team Seek Evidence for Afterlife“, Yahoo! News, “Is Your House Haunted? Ghost Experts Explain How You Can Tell” as well as The Calgary Herald and Vice News (links to articles outdated).

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